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Friday, January 12, 2018

Guys. There is no possible way at all in this entire world to ever be able to fully thank God. Have you ever just felt SO overwhelmed with gratitude that you just want to shout it out loud "THANK YOU LORD!"

Currently my feelings.

I'll be honest, 2017 was a difficult year. Things just didn't seem to be working out in my favour. I don't think I had ever felt so much pain, and loneliness before in my life, but that was all 2017 seemed to give me. I felt so inadequate, so useless, and just feeling like I wasn't doing anything for God.

Funny enough, 2017 happened to also be the year where my relationship with God had grown to an all time high. I felt so close to my Lord and good too, because I was in so much need of him!

Why, do you ask, am I feeling extremely grateful? It's only been eight days into 2018 and God is ALREADY blessing me. Like, far, far too much.

I'm excited for 2018, guys. God is blessing me from right to left with chances to serve him and his Kingdom and I can't wait to do so. What do I have to look forward to in 2018?

1. Getting my driver's license! Last year I FINALLY got my G1, and now, just before school starts, I'll be able to start driving myself around just before school!

2. I'm back in school! I mean, prayerfully I am. I applied to a few colleges for Event Management, and I'm awaiting anxiously for my acceptance/rejection letters to come through! I will actually be doing something I enjoy doing :)

3. I've been put into leadership positions and giving opportunities to lead and serve for God in the church. My dream has always been to work full-time in my church and use the talents God gave me to glorify him. Even if full-time ministry isn't God's plan for me, having this opportunity to serve in this way is exciting!

4. I get to go to the Philippines! I went to Alaska about three years ago to do some volunteer work for a camp over there, and now I get the amazing opportunity to head across the world to Aklan Philippines to build a pre-school and help a community!

5. Living on my own. I mean, hopefully I want be fully alone, and that I get to live with someone, but I know I probably won't be living with my siblings for much longer. But how fun it would be, to have pure independence!

6. Weddings! I mean, only one for now, but I LOVE weddings, and the fact that I finally get to go to one is extremely exciting!!

Honestly guys, God is too good and I'm lost for words, my goodness holy moly. I hope your 2018s have started off well as well!

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