First to Third

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I've been writing my novel for 5 stinking years. It started off with a female character named Josie Parker, terrible grammar and spelling, unoriginal idea, and horrid character development. My original story: "Josie Parker and her adventure to Afia" went through three different versions until I reached the version it's at now. No title, just a story.

My hope and dream is to finally finish it. Every year I tell myself I'm going to finish it, but I never do, and I feel more and more disappointed in myself. But it's going to happen. No matter how long. Even if I'm turning 80, this book is going to be published.

So many times I've considered giving up. I actually deleted one version of my story when I was writing it at the time because I was done. But, there was something about my characters that made me keep going. I knew their lives, their quirks, their likes and dislikes, the girl they liked at twelve, the pain they went through when their grandfather died. I knew all of this, and I couldn't get myself to just throw it all away.

And so, here I am, still writing this never ending story.

The craziest thing? I actually finished it. I made it from the first to the last chapter, and I've been editing for the last year and a half. AND THEN, I, for some crazy reason decided to completely re-write the story from it's original first-person to third-person.

I originally wrote the first version of the story in third-person, but I got really intrigued by novels that were laid out as diaries that were written by the main character, and decided to follow in pursuit. But man did I hate it. And now, I'm semi-satisfied with where my book has come to now.

My deadline? November 2018

It will be finished!

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