Here's to today

Friday, November 03, 2017

I dropped out of University today. 

Who would have thought I'd ever say those words or do its action? The plan was, get through my four years of university, graduate, and get a job. But man did things change.

My health statues: struggling.

The semester was quite the disaster. I'll keep it short: I began failing nearly all of my classes, and the idea of catching up was impossible. 

Was school hard? Not really, but I would spend hours staring at the work in front of me, and I'd be incapable of moving, or thinking, and the longer I sat frozen in my seat, the more stress and anxiety would grow in my chest and only make things worse.

Then I began thinking. Do I even like the program I'm in? Is this even what I want my future to look like? After conversation with my parents, my sister, and a career counselor, I came to the decision that, it was time to leave University. 

And so I did, today, at 8:30 am. 

What's my plan? Get better. Seeing as my health isn't in its top shape, my goal at the moment is to focus on getting better. Doctor's appointments, therapy, etc. Along with that, now that I have sooo much free time, I plan to find a job, volunteer more at my church and in the community, and finally finish that stinkin' novel I've been writing. The number one thing, however, is to focus on finding my peace in God's plan for me. Knowing that I won't be in school for a year stresses me out from time to time, because I begin to worry about my future and whether I'll find a job or not, etc. 

But I'm following God's plan wherever he's taking me. And honestly, no matter where his plan leads, no matter how tough, at least he'll be with me the whole time. 

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