Thursday, February 16, 2017

So my birthday was four days ago (Yeah I know, I'm a little late in writing this...), and I turned nineteen. Can you believe it? Nineteen? 

Can't say I'm super excited to nineteen, because all I can think about is almsot being twenty ... and I'm not ready to be twenty. That means I actually have to be mature and all grown up now (boo).

I thought, to really kick off my adulthood, I would create a bucket list of things to do before turning twenty years old. I want this year to be of a lot of growth, and lots of fun too, and really just my best year yet because after this year, everything changes!!

1. Write 500 words a day (or more!). Honestly, I don't do this enough. I most definitely need to be sure I'm constantly writing, whether it my novel, or really anything in order to continue to improve my writing!
2. Get a job. Since I'm moving out this year and hoping to go on mission trips to volunteer, I definitely need to start woring to save up money. (Already feeling this adulthood thing :( )
3. Get a pixie cut. I've always wanted one, so I plan on getting one!
4. Buy a lottery ticket. I didn't do this when I turned 18, and obviously I have been able to, but, yeah, I gotta do it now. Would be bless to win something!
5. Meet fitness goal. I've already been right on track with meeting my fitness goal. All that's left to do is to keep it up!
6. Nail the note in “I am Moana”. I'm soooo close to accomplishing this, but so far away!
7. Buy less fast food. That means meal preps every week to avoid the temptation to buy something quick and unhealthy!
8. Finish novel 100%. I've put this off long enough. I've been writing this novel for over five years, and there's not doubt in my mind that this year is going to be the year that I finally finish it!
9. Publish novel. This might be a little far-fetched... but I'm staying hopeful!
10. Go vegan for a month. I tried veganism once before, and man it was hard, but I felt good knowing that it's possible and that I can actually do it.
11. Go on a trip. Hopefully more than just a road trip, and more of a plane ride!
12. Help the poor and needy every month (or more!). I don't serve enough, and I need to serve more.
13. Update songs on IPod. I've had the same 60 songs (isn't that sad?) on my IPod for way too long. I'm definitely sick of hearing them and need and upgrade!
14. Sing on stage for an audience. High key, I love to perform, and getting the chance to sing on stage for something would be a dream come true!
15. Get my license. Isn't this sad? I'm nineteen and am still without my license?
16. Share in front of the church. Definitely a dream of mine to share my testimony or something in front of the church. One day...
17. Destroy this years’ exams! A's gotta be everywhere!
18. Share your faith every day. Everyone needs to be saved, and I got to do my part to give people the opportunity to hear the Gospel! I have no excuse!
19. Baptize a friend. Dreaaammmm!

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