Two-Thousand and Seventeen

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Photo Credits: Aldrin Villamayor
I have never been so glad to have a year come to an end. 2016 had its wonderful memories, and its wonderful moments, yet, I still didn't feel as if 2016 was necessarily my year. 

Throughout the year, I felt as if there was far more I could have done with my year, and all the things I knew I should have done more. So, I thought I'd put these things on that New Years Resolution that everyone seems so hype about every year. 

I took some time to reflect, looking back at the ways God has blessed this year, and looking at my life from a third person perspective to see the things I really should have done for him, and for others around me. I guess I'll dive right in, then. However, this post is far more for me than you, but I invite you to read my resolutions as well, and hopefully you can come up with your own as well!

Giving my time
You can never really give too much time to God, and giving him more time this year is definitely a part of the plan. I look back at my 2016 and I can only see the amount of blessings that He had showered me with, and the moments I got to experience with Him, so why shouldn't I give more of my time? I have so much more to learn, and grow in, and by giving more of my time to Him, I know for a fact that 2017 will be great.

I also plan to give more time to my family. Knowing me, I enjoy being with my friends out at events and such, but I rarely plan to spend time with my family. 

Along with God and my family, I want to give my time and really my effort to my community. I seem to drown myself in school work and conclude that I have no time to do anything else, but due to the amount of TV shows I watched and hours of video games I played, it's obvious I have loads of time to do far more for those in need.

I used to journal a lot when I was a kid. My mom would always buy me these pretty journals that I could use. I would write daily, explaining my day and what dreams I had, or whatever was on my mind really. This year however, I plan to journal only positively. I bought a journal and vowed to only write a good thing that happened in my day. Even if it was the worst day ever, finding the smallest bit of good in my day would go in my journal. (Most excited about this one, so I can look back in 2018 to see how my year went).

Biblical knowledge to be more specific. Lately I've been extremely intrigued by theology and apologetics (basically proofs of the bible), and the more I've learnt, the more I want to know. I've been confronted far too many times with questions I can't answer, so I plan to equip myself to answer questions asked of me (1 Peter 3:15)

No surprise that I'm writing this. It's not a New Years Resolution if the want to improve ones health isn't on it. I have my own goals when it comes to my health and fitness, and I'm prepared to commit to them. I got to be honest, I've tried many, many times, and have often given up from discouragement. I'm keeping this on the list though, because I'm adamant to be successful in this area.

For those who may not know, I'm currently writing a novel! This novel has been in development for many years (mainly because it began when I was so young, therefore going through many changes due to a large improvement in my writing) and has reached it's final draft. 2017 is when I am going to finish the novel, and finally get to work on the others. Ideally, I would LOVE to publish my novel this year, but finishing it is my main goal.

I hope you all have New Years Resolutions. Despite how cliched they are, I find them great tools to really reflect on how the previous year really went. 

Thanks for reading, ya'll. Happy New Year!

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