Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Photo Credits to: Shannon Robbins Photography

“I was reading a book at the time called 'Not a Fan', and it talked about being a complete follower of Jesus. I had been reading that book for a while even though I wasn’t much of a reader. When I really got into the book, I reached a part where it read: you could either be in the race running alongside Jesus, or you can be on the side cheering him on.  That’s something that really hit me hard because I didn’t want to be a fan, I wanted to be in the race with him and really make it to the end. I’m really not the kind of person who commits to things, but this was something I would commit my life to.

“But being the only disciple in my family is definitely one of the things that makes me struggle in my faith. I don’t have someone at home constantly asking me how my relationship with God is; or asking how my prayers have been; or keeping me accountable at home; or even just wanting to know more about my faith. It’s really hard because, at the same time, if I decided to walk away from the faith, they wouldn’t mind.”

Mac // Newmarket

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