Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I realized about myself that I love the idea of taking pictures, (I mean, I'm surrounded by so many photographers on the daily) but am unable to and, often forget to, take pictures. A big nice canon camera is expensive, and I, with no great passion for photography, would rather spend the money on other things. Though, one day, as I was exploring eBay, I came across a Canon AV-1 camera. It was a film camera and it was only $20! I bought it immediately.

Now, I was (and still am) very unfamiliar with film camera's, and using my camera first hand was a brand new experience. Number one lesson of film camera's that I learnt the hard way: never open the back and expose the film to light!! (I lost too many good photos for being so silly).

Anyway, enjoy a few of my film pictures. The first roll (which I got for free) was a test roll, so a lot of the pictures I took were too dark, or my shutter speed was not at the right ... speed? Though, I'm exited for my next roll!

I love this camera because, I only get one shot to take a good picture. With only 24 pictures per roll, I can't waste it (especially since it costs a thousand dollars).

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