Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I made this blog a long long time ago and the name "Le Unexpected Traveler" was meant to be just a placeholder until I found one that I liked. But, a name I liked never emerged, so I hit send on my new blog.

Now that I've been getting a lot more into my blog, the name began to make me cringe. I know many blogs that have gone through a name change process, so I thought, "It's time I made a change."

I love my blog, and I really wanted to have a name that I love as well, SOOO...

*drum roll*

Welcome to Into the Light! The small little blog about travelling through life with God :)

The name took so long to choose. I had like, four executives on the case and I was throwing names at each of them and they were throwing names at me until, finally, we all seemed to come to the conclusion that "Into the Light" worked best. (Big shoutout to those four for dealing with my pickiness haha)

And now, with a brand new blog design and name, I can happily write away on my blog without any cringing! I hope you guys like the name too. Into the Light basically describes my adventure as I journey towards "the Light" a.k.a Jesus. So, it both entails my travels (which this summer will be FILLED with) and my adventure with my main man, Jesus.

I'm excited for this year, and I hope you guys stick around!

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