Monday, February 15, 2016

This past weekend I managed to cross two things off my bucket list! The first one was to get a complicated drink at Starbucks, because, if anyone knows me, they know that the ONLY thing I will buy at Starbucks is a Lactose Free Hot Chocolate. Yes, I even get it during the summer time. SO, I forced myself to be adventurous and to try a new drink. With the help of my friend, I ended up getting a:

Iced green tea with light ice, sub the water for cool lime, and with one pump of peppermint.

Since it was my birthday when I got it, I got my first complicated drink for free, yay! So that's the first thing off the bucket list.

I ALSO managed to convince my mother - who was the most against it - to get a side "shave" cut. I gotta say, holy moly I love it so much. Here a some pictures from the process:

YAY, I managed to cross two things off the list! I must say, I really enjoyed the drink and I LOVE my new haircut! I can't wait to do more stuff on this bucket list :D 

photo creds to @macjessen

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