Monday, February 15, 2016

This past weekend I managed to cross two things off my bucket list! The first one was to get a complicated drink at Starbucks, because, if anyone knows me, they know that the ONLY thing I will buy at Starbucks is a Lactose Free Hot Chocolate. Yes, I even get it during the summer time. SO, I forced myself to be adventurous and to try a new drink. With the help of my friend, I ended up getting a:

Iced green tea with light ice, sub the water for cool lime, and with one pump of peppermint.

Since it was my birthday when I got it, I got my first complicated drink for free, yay! So that's the first thing off the bucket list.

I ALSO managed to convince my mother - who was the most against it - to get a side "shave" cut. I gotta say, holy moly I love it so much. Here a some pictures from the process:

YAY, I managed to cross two things off the list! I must say, I really enjoyed the drink and I LOVE my new haircut! I can't wait to do more stuff on this bucket list :D 

photo creds to @macjessen



Monday, February 15, 2016

Yesterday was fun. While my birthday is on February 12th, I celebrated it yesterday on Valentine's Day with a few of my closest friends. We went to eat some authentic Salvadoran food, which was the food I grew up eating and loving so much. I was glad that everyone enjoyed it, and the laughs and the overall fun that we had was the best part. It feels good to be eighteen, and I'm excited to know what God has planned for me this year. It's a year of maturity, growth and a lot of responsibility, and I just KNOW it's going to be a great year as an adult.