Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Ah, what a wonderful, yet slightly stressful feeling to know that 2015 is over, and the new year has come.On January first, I woke up to the nagging feel from the homework I still hadn't completed for school. It was already looking like a great 2016.

No, no, 2016 has actually gone off on the right foot.

So, for this post, I wanted to start my first 2016 post with a throwback to my youthful days. If anyone knows me, they know how much I love to write. I've basically been writing since I was six years old, and never did I stop writing since then. SO, for your enjoyment, I thought I'd share a few of my confusing and grammatically incorrect stories. Now, I must admit, the way I used to write may have been terrible, but the ideas I had even impressed me. And so, here are a few of my stories from y younger days...


background: basically, I wrote this after reading the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and ended up creating a title similar to the Narnia book. And, for your eyes, I split the single long paragraph my six year old self wrote into a few to read easier.

Madison traveld arcross the muddy floor of the dungeon. She had just heard about her dragon bieng captured by Queen Nora of Eden. Madison truly disliked her, but she felt as though they were related. Madison head a noise behind the stalagmight. She turned around. Nothing. She kept walking.

Then she heard it again she turned around and looked up she was standing right infront of a Troll. "I eat you now" Said the troll. Madison did no know what to do then without thinking it through she faced the palm of her hand at the troll a yellow, orange lighting struck out of her hand that sent the troll Fyling backwards and hiting the wall.

"The powerdful one has returned. Forgive me please follow-" Madison waited for him to finish his sentence, but he never did. So she followed the troll curios of what was going to happen. The troll led Madison up staires right infront of the Queen. Nora.

"Thank youTroll 2760." Said the Queen, "She it seems the powerful one has returned. I have surly waited for this moment to come. I am Queen Nora of Eden-"

"Yeah I know who you are. you captured my dragon!" Madison cried out.

"Now let's come down let me explain my self. Now I knew when you were ready you could take the throne and rule your town!" The queen told Madison.

"Liar!" yelled Madison, "Your liying to me to take our gold." Madison had soon had it with the queen. She snaped hard and out came a very cold breeze Madison closed her eyes. She waited then opend her eyes and looked around everything was frozen so was the queen. MAdison ran away back to her house all hope was lost for her. Without her magic dragon she cannot succed and the world will be destroyed.


background: I read a children's book about a girl and her dragon, so I ended up writing a story about it... not very original xD
I was sitting on a chair holding a baby dragon. The dragon was black and had a purple dot around its left eye. Its wings were almost three feet long and its body was two feet long. Behind us was a wonderful waterfall and all around us were tall trees. The floor was filled with healthy grass and beautiful flowers that were totally different from earths. It was a paradise that I never wanted to leave . . .

“Sophie! Wake up!” I heard my mom call from the kitchen. My eyes opened slowly. It was only a dream. My paradise was a fake. I had to live the real world.

I stood up and began to stripe my pajamas off and put on my torn jeans and plain blue t-shirt. I put on my sneakers, grabbed my bag and left my room. My two twin brothers, Cody and Mark whizzed by we with their toy airplanes down the stairs. I walked behind them, and then Cody ran up to me and pushed me down the stairs. Both he and Mark laughed until it hurt them. I shrugged it off even though it hurt so much. Josh, my oldest brother walked by me as if I wasn’t even there. My older sister Lilly did the same thing.

Lilly and Josh were also twins and best friends. They are a year older than me. It’s as though they made a team with themselves and Cody and Mark to tease me. Now I’m not talking poke me tease. I’m talking, swearing, beating me up, and blaming everything on me. Mom and dad have never noticed. Not even Grandma and Grandpa have! I’m just so shy that I could get taken advantage of. Plus, I’m afraid if I tell on them they will get worse. So my mouth is shut.

“Sophie!” Mother yelled while helping me up. “What happened?” She asked. “I fell.” I whispered. “Are you ok?” She asked. “Yah mom I’m fine.” She looked relieved. “Common let’s go have breakfast.” I walked into the kitchen and took my seat. Apparently, Cody thought it would be funny to put eggs on my chair so as I sat my butt was covered in eggs. “Cody!” Mom yelled at him. “Sorry Sophie.” He said. I ignored him knowing he didn’t mean it and ate my breakfast using a different chair. After, I ate I went up stairs and put on a new pair of pants. I then ran downstairs and headed to the bus stop. The bus came as I walked up to the stop. I hurried inside and grabbed my usual seat at the back of the bus. I waited.


background: probably one of my most favorite stories I've written from my childhood. All I remember is being so inspired to write it, I spent the entire day doing it. I found two copies of this story, but each had a different title, so I put both.
I sat on my bed with my dead brother holding my hand. So I had no choice but to talk . . . yes talk to the ghost of my brother.

“Louis I . . . I am so sorry for letting you drown! I . . .” I couldn't take it at all. I was talking to my brother who doesn't live anymore but for some reason I knew he was listening. I turned to look at my brother, “Louis I am just so sorry! Do you forgive me?” I held his hand so tight to me he felt alive but I knew he was dead, “Catharine of course I forgive you! It was really my fault I . . . I didn't listen to you so I blame myself.” I hugged my brother and didn't let go until Charles came in. “Hey Catharine hey Louis.” Said Charles sleepily but then by saying that it awoke him, “Whoa what is Louis doing here!” I looked at Charles, “I don't know but I am happy!” I said. Charles sat beside me and Louis. “Louis why are you here?” Louis looked at Charles,“ Well that is confidential I am sorry. ”after the Louis disappeared and I heard,“ I will come back don't worry!” and I didn't worry because I know my brother would come back.


background: this is actually the first version of the novel I'm currently writing. This version is so old, and was probably the story I had the most fun writing. I actually managed to finish the entire story with 11 chapters (though it was only 23 pages)
Everyone walked up to a lady floating in the air with her legs crossed with her eyes closed. She had a big purple star around her left eye and wore a black shirt with white baggy pants and her hair in a high bun. She was very pretty and very strong. On her left was the same statue that Tylor had showed her and on her right was the same girl but in a different pose.

They walked closer to the lady, 'I have been waiting for you Josie.' said the lady while floating down and getting to her feet. 'I am the Oracle my name is Mella. I share the Spirit Temple with Motfa the goddess of Afia, and the queen of all the spirits.' Josie jumped back. How did the Oracle know her name? 'Eleven years old and going to embark in a very big journey. Accompanied by the four strongest people in this world.' Josie watched the Oracle like she was a celebrity. The Oracle's eyes were closed than brought both her arms into the air and out came a blue ball of light. It started to head to Josie. It hit her than she was lifted into the air her eyes now blue than brown and her hair grew and grew and was neatly put into a perfect pony tail with bangs. Josie was about to fall on the ground very hard but she saved herself just in time.

What was this that Josie feeling. She felt stronger than ever before. She had also felt tough, brave. She also felt full of power. But why? Was that blue ball of light really a blue ball of power? Josie felt heavy around her waist. She looked down and saw a very long and shinny blade hanging from her waist. She looked up at the statues and back at her. She looked exactly like the girls posing. 'Josie Parker now I the Oracle has a story that has been passed down in my family for ages. Please listen carefully.' Josie walked closer to the Oracle and got ready to hear the story.

Well that's basically it. I hope you enjoyed my youthful stories xD I promise, what I'm writing now is much better and much easier to follow.

Thanks for reading dudes and dudettes, and I hope your 2016 is starting off well :)

See you soon!

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