Thursday, December 10, 2015

About half a year ago, the band and I had been asked to prepare a set for the upcoming Worship Concert being held in New England that summer. Having preformed at the camp there a year earlier, we knew what to expect. The first thing we discussed was which songs? The previous year, as less experienced, we had chosen songs that were generic and well known by everyone. Basically sing-a-long songs. This year, however, we decided to add three new songs that weren't so much sing-a-longs and instead were powerful and impacting.

The one song that was the talk of the camp was when we had performed 'Everything' by Lifehouse, accompanied by an old yet amazing skit.

I stumbled upon this skit many years ago during my search for God, and the skit had affected me in ways that I couldn't quite understand. I was mesmerized and in awe of my Lord as I watched the portrayal of him going through the pain and agony, to just keep us - represented by the girl - safe. We could see the girl going through the trials of life only to find how deeply she needed God in her life, and does all she can to get back to him.

The goal of the band was to get to everyone's heart. We wanted everyone to see themselves as the girl and watch as they go through the pain that life - Satan - throws at everyone, and to get them to see how God is always watching over us, waiting for us, and when we can't do it, he's there to fight our struggles, fight our enemies, fight Satan for us.

We had been asked to perform this skit twice after our performance in Boston, and in both our performances, there was never a dry eye afterwards. People were so affected by the skit and we were reminded of how important it was to everyone that we performed it.

Obviously, it's one thing to be sitting in the seats, looking up at the stage to see Jesus' love being portrayed, but what did the skit and the overall experience mean for the band? We didn't get the chance to sit down and watch the skit as everyone did, we stood behind the skit, playing the music. So how were we affected?

To me, as I stood behind the group, I found myself feeling sorry for the girl who was standing alone on the stage, as she was being introduced to all this new sin, and as I would watch her accept the sin and continue to build that wall between her and God, I would shake my head. The poor girl who was so tricked by sin that she had to go through all of that.

Pretty ironic, huh? There I stood thinking all that, only to realize that it was actually me who the girl was representing. Me. You. All of us.

To me, this skit is a perfect reminder of Jesus' love for us, and how rewarding it is to knock down those walls and get to him. While I didn't quite get to watch the skit from the front, I think it was better to have watched it from behind. It felt as though I was standing in the back watching me go through the pain, watching me go through the suffering, and watching Jesus calling for me, and yet I don't listen.I wasn't watching it as a skit, I was watching it as a ... a flashback. It always reminds me of when I made the decision to follow Jesus, but even now as a disciple, it's a great reminder for me when I sin everyday (I am human after all).

Plus, playing music always finds a way to connect me to God in the best ways. How can I ignore the very words that they sing in the song: And how can I stand here with you, and not be moved by you? Seriously, there I stood watching God's work, how could I not be moved by that? Anyway, God is just amazing, so yeah.

I asked a few of my band mates, and even the leads in the skit about how it felt for them as they performed.

It was interesting to hear what some of them had to say. The common theme between all of us was how great of a reminder the skit was for us, and how amazing of a feeling it is to be reminded of how much God loves us, despite being on stage and not a part of the audience.

But for some, it was really the words that got to everyone, the words You're all that I want, you're all that I need were, for some, were all they needed to really get into the mood of the song and really feel it in their hearts. And how true it is, because the words of the song are so wonderful, and so true.

And others were simply reminded of themselves, and could easily place themselves in the spot of the girl, only to be broken when the girl was running back to God, and how He put himself in between her and the sin, to keep her safe.

And how amazing it was to hear from the two leads, and how playing Jesus and playing the girl was a very important part for them. The lead recalled the first performance we had back in Boston, and how everything she did, and every expression she made was because of the Holy Spirit. It was as if the Holy Ghost was making all of her movements, and she only needed to trust and follow as it lead her through the skit. This only gave her the chance to fully put herself into the character and really connect to the role. And when she drops the pills and runs to Jesus, the hunger and thirst she felt just to be in Jesus' arms was what led her. Being in the role made her to go down deep into the challenges that she as a disciple faced everyday.

"I am constantly fighting against my temptations and desires to get to Jesus. But the best part and most hopeful, amazing part is the fact that I don't do all nor any of the work.. But Christ himself holds my burdens and helps me to deny my desires and temptations that are harmful to me."

Amazing. And what about our Jesus? What did he have to say? Well for him, it seemed easy enough to get into the role, when the girl was played by his - basically - little sister, of whom he loves. He was actually put into the role of Jesus, where he learnt to understood how God feels when we go through the temptations and sin, only to want to be reunited with us by fighting for us, and basically doing anything to keep us safe.

I guess not much would've have been different if we were in the audience. We got to perform on stage to help people worship God, to send a message of His love, and, to use our talents for Him. God really blessed this skit,even with the minimal practice we had, God really helped us get through it effectively.

Thanks for enduring this really long post guys. If you wish to watch what we did, the video is down below :)    

Peace guys!

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