Thursday, December 17, 2015

I made it to 2016!

... Well, almost. 
Unfortunately, it isn't 2016 YET, but that doesn't mean I can't be super pumped for it! The new year is bringing along a lot of change, and, if you know me, you know that I love change. 

This year is the year I finally, FINALLY graduate from high school! Now, I know people are always telling you, High School is the best four years of your life, but that wasn't quite the case for me. I guess I've never been a fan of high school because of all the drama, and all the peer pressure and the bullying, and just that life of the typical teenager. 

I have been waiting for 2016 since I began grade nine and it's finally here!

So, for this Blog Post, I thought I'd outline some of the amazing things God blessed me with, and I thought I'd write down my 2016 Bucket List! I have a friend who has her own bucket list, and she actually managed to check everything off of it in 2015, so i was inspired to create my own bucket list, and you guys can join me on my attempt to get through it! So, here we go!

God's Blessings This Year Included;
  • Friends. Okay, this may be the most cliched thing ever, but how can I deny that God blessed me with so many friendships this year! I got to meet a lot of new people from different parts of the world, while also re-building old friendships. God really worked in my life this year, because as someone who finds it very difficult to make friends, made many!
  • My Sister! Last year my sister made the ambitious decision to move out and live with some of her friends, and, while I supported her and all, I honestly did not want her to leave. I didn't think I'd miss her so much, and geez louise I'm happy she's back home. I just wasn't ready for that yet.
  • Alaska. Aha, I've probably talked about this enough, but this was a huge blessing and I will always be so grateful for getting the amazing opportunity to serve my Lord in the Last Frontier!
  • New Phone. Okay, this is probably not that important, but if you've ever seen my last phone, you will understand why getting my new Samsung S4 was such a blessing.
  • The West Region. The big decision of moving from the Toronto Church to the Mississauga one was, yes, a little difficult at first, but now I'm super grateful to be there. I've been building amazing friendships, and I've been constantly challenging myself to be out of myself and giving.
  • The Band. This year consisted of many performances, and although we may have gone through some rough patches together, we've always managed to keep our heads and perform the best we can for God.
  • My closest friend got baptized! Yes, after centuries and millenniums, she finally got dunked!
  • Many more blessings that I'm probably missing, but let's be honest, God is constantly blessing me when I don't even deserve it. At. All. Thanks God :D
So, bucket list time. I thought I'd include some unrealistic ones in there, which I have italicized, but it's always good to dream! Here goes my 2016 bucket list, and I can't wait to get started on it!!

Get A Job
Go to Anime North for the first time
Sing a solo on stage
Sing with someone on stage
Go to a different country (besides USA)
Live on campus
Take a beauty/fashion risk
Face your fears this year
Skip school once to hang with friends
Go to Nunavut or Vancouver
Volunteer somewhere
Have a long conversation ... with a stranger
Pick up a sport this summer
Try a complicated drink from Starbucks
Attempt starting a YouTube channel
Go to Montreal and have first drink (Their age restriction is 18!!)
Walk around Toronto with friends
Camp outside of a store to buy something being released
Go on a boat this summer
Finish editing novel!
Become fluent in Spanish
Share for a devo/church service
Host a party for no reason
Get 100% on a test/assignment
Learn the entire Beat It by Michael Jackson dance
Learn how to skate board
Meet a celebrity
Go to a spa
Go scuba diving
Audition for a Musical/Play/TV Show/Movie

That's basically it. 30 things to do in 12 months! I'll be updating this post every time I complete something on my bucket list. You'll see on of the things crossed out! I'm actually too excited for this year, and I just know God will be constantly blessing me. I'll keep you guys updated, don't worry! 

I hope you guys start thinking about your bucket list too. While New Year's Resolutions are good ... do we ever really follow them? Bucket lists are great ways for you to actually get up and do something you've never done!

Stay posted for more posts that are super duper festive in the next week! Thanks for reading, and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years dudes and dudettes :D

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