Back from my hiatus

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Four months later, and I finally find the time and the motivation to start up my blog again.

As my summer was coming to close, I began writing, yet never finished a bunch of posts that I had planned to put onto my blog, but school picked up, and things were already getting stressful, that nothing seemed to be working out for me and my blog.

Funny how excited I was to begin my senior year, but now, almost three months in, the need to leave high school and finally enter adulthood is unfathomable. While my year had started off well, with high grades and a happy face, things had soon taken a turn down the Valley of Destroyed Dreams, and my grades were violently pulled down the steep hill with it. Not to say it's impossible to reach the grades I need, but for now, looking at my mid-term report card has caused me stress and discouragement.

Along with the "excitement" of senior year, I began this school year in a different region of my church, which meant, I was no longer going to be seeing my close friends from Toronto as often anymore. I had expected leaving that church I had been in for six years to go to the church I grew up in to be a big and drastic change that would take a lot of getting used to, but it was an easy transition, and the Mississauga church welcomed me with open arms. The only difficult part of the transition seemed to be the absence of my close friends, but the ability to see them time to time made it not so difficult. And now, in this new church, I've been able to create new friendships of which I'm so grateful for.

The last few weeks I had been coming back onto my blog, only to find how I didn't like how it looked so much, so, I worked diligently for two weeks, cleaning up my blog, creating a new logo, and basically, just making it look nice to help motivate me to write more. And so, here it goes, once more, to keep this blog going.

Now, seeing as it's November, it's only appropriate to be excited about Christmas. My mother has begun decorating, which has only been acting as fuel for my excitement! What is there not to love about Christmas? Snow, wool hats and gloves, hot chocolate, family time, presents, Panettone, Christmas songs, Christmas movies, Christmas specials!! Guys, this season gets me the most excited, and there's nothing that can bring me down from my joyous aura!!

And, since I'm talking about Christmas, you already know that right after Christmas is New Years, which means Helloooooo 2016! I'm already planning stuff to do for 2016, and oh boy it's going to be an epic year! Here goes my list:

1. Trip to Ottawa
2. Boston for Prom!
3. Anime North
4. Tales Con
6. St. Louise for a Conference
7. Graduation
8. I'll finally be 18!!

Guys, 2016 is going to be so awesome, and I'm so excited for it. But first, I'm going to focus on Christmas and enjoying the cold weather.

Thanks for reading guys, and I shall see you all soon!

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