New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island

Friday, August 07, 2015

I'm not quite fond of being in cars anymore...

While I've never been bothered much by being in cars for many lengths of time before, lately, my stomach has not been agreeing with it. Since we've only been able to eat at diners and fast food restaurants, my stomach has grown to hate me, and has made sure I understood by constantly hurting. Although I haven't thrown-up - and thank God I haven't - it's definitely put a small shadow over the overall trip.

Not to say the trip hasn't been fun. Surely there were star moments in the trip that I enjoyed very much, but sometimes, I've felt a bit lonely tagging along behind four adults and constantly found myself texting my friends back at home.

Another negative about this trip would have to be that: I can't find a single notebook.

If anyone knows me, they know that I LOVE notebooks- pretty notebooks. The hope for this trip was to get a very nice notebook from at least one of the provinces, but as of yet - my sixth day on this trip - I've been quite unsuccessful. However, these things haven't completely made the trip horrible.

Some upsides of the trip thus far is all the nature I get to surround myself with. Being in Toronto, the most nature I get is from the small forest just near my house, and even that was planted by humans. Being in these new provinces, I get to surround myself by rock walls, trees, lakes and oceans, and best of all, horsies and cows.

While we didn't spend much time in New Brunswick, we spent a good four days in Prince Edward Island, just by Green Gables. Now, if you've ever read Anne of Green Gables as I have, being around the area where her whole story was inspired was quite exciting. I got to discover how the author became to inspired by her small little island, and how real Anne Shirley was to her.

It made me think a lot about my book, and I was able to relate a lot to the author, because just like Anne was so real to her, so is my character real to me. At the same time, it inspired me to write my story even more, and to really get into it!

The rest of the time in Prince Edward Island consisted of beaches, lobster, beaches, card games and beaches. Not going to lie, the amount of water I saw was crazy. Everywhere I turned was some sort of lake, river or part of the ocean. Though, I can't argue, because the sight was STUNNING each time.

When we decided to go downtown for my mom's birthday, we spoke with the owner of the lovely breakfast store (Casa Mia Cafe, I highly recommend it if you ever go to Charlottetown) who told us that after one visit to PEI, her and her husband packed up their things from Toronto, and moved there right away. She gave us a pamphlet that told us about the prices of some of the houses, and no wonder she moved she quickly! With the price of houses in PEI, you could buy two houses and a cottage and still have money left over!

Thinking about moving to PEI? Maybe.

The final day in PEI was bitter sweet, because I didn't want to leave the beautiful province and enter the city again in Halifax, but I knew it was time to go, and a new adventure awaited us.

Halifax was exciting for me, because I got to be surrounded by others who were near my age, and enjoy devotional and church with them. It let me be me for a bit, and really enjoy Halifax with some good friends beside you.

First things first, the ferry over to Halifax. Quite terrifying to be so high up above the water, but after a few panic attacks or so, we had finally made it, and off to Halifax we went!

Thanks for reading dudes and dudettes!

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