Sunday, June 07, 2015

Wow dudes and dudettes, apologies that it has been quite some time since my last post. The reason was not because I was busy - though I was, it wasn't enough - but because I had lost motivation. I stopped writing in my blog and began writing my book, and that is literally all I've been doing lately.

Since it's been a good 27 days - basically a month, oops - I thought I'd update you guys on some exciting stuff that's been happening ... at least exciting to me.

For starters: I've officially paid for all of my expenses for Hope Youth Corps Alaska, - in other words, my bank account has run dry - and there are 22 more days until I hop onto the plane to Alaska and start my new adventure! My parents also finalized the route we are going to take when we head off to Eastern Canada and go on a roadtrip, woo! AND, my father - cutting it close - finally signed me up for Teen Camp! (For those who don't know what teen camp is, it is basically a full week at a camp for teenagers who are taught the word of God, get to worship together with like minded people, and to grow in their spirituality with each other and with God).

So, basically, my summer time is fully packed with events!

A few exciting things include a new room decoration - removing and adding posters, and the new addition of a Memory Wall (I posted it on my insta).
However, the biggest thing that I'm the most excited for is that I finished writing my book! No, not the book about my parents, that one is going to take quite sometime to finish. This one is a book that I've spent a good three to four years writing, with maybe three different versions of the book, until finally, not too long ago, I finished writing the book from beginning to end. Unfortunately, I'm not 100% done writing it, because there is still a lot of editing, revising and deleting to do before I can fully say my story is done. It just feels good that I wrote the last chapter!

School is another update. Finally, I've reached the last week of grade eleven and am excited for the first day of grade twelve! Already, I'm searching around for potential schools to go to, potential courses to take and whether or not I'll be living on campus or at home. School is not a fun thing to think of, because I only feel stress when I do, but the idea of graduating, and going to prom and travelling even more is such an exciting thought!

Many people have asked me why I've chosen schools far away from home. The answer is simple. I want a challenge. I want a chance to lean on God when times get tough. Here at home, I'm very comfortable, but when you're this comfortable, there's little room to grow. Moving away will put my faith to the test, will help me learn more, and to meet my other brothers and sisters.

One final update before I wrap up this post. This summer is a summer of transition. I'm not going to get too into this, because there are still a few things to finalize and pray about, but my heart has been pretty set on this decision, and I really feel it'll be a big step in the right direction. :)

That's it for today! :)


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