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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Lately, I've been making some ambitious decisions. At least, ambitious in my case. 

It all started with January 1st 2015.

Now, I don't usually make new years resolutions, but this year, I sort of made a personal resolution.It was a resolution that would force me to be out of myself. This is very difficult for me, because I'm the type of person who, if someone is walking towards me, I will hide behind a garbage can and wait for them to walk away. Talking to new people gets me way too nervous, and I never liked that, so I vowed to change it.

There were a few things this year that I made myself do, stuff I would never have done as the shy Lorena. One of the big things I decided was Hope Youth Corps. HYC is basically a chance for teenagers to volunteer at places that are in need of help, and pretty much helping with whatever is needed. The idea is quite huge for me, because it means I actually have to talk to people (ugh!). However, this is a big step. I thought it was time to completely get out of my comfort zone and do just what Jesus did, serve.

Along with HYC, I chose to cut my hair. I always worried about cutting my hair, afraid I would either look like Dora the Explorer, or the spitting image of my mom. Nonetheless, I did it, and although I looked like my mother - she is my mom - I like the look. I thought it worked perfectly for me! And, to add to my new cut, I chose to colour it green. Talk about random. But, green is my favourite colour, so I thought, what the hay! 

This blog was also a chance that I could get out of that insecurity of talking to people. I usually NEVER let people see what I write, and although this isn't one of my fantasy novels, it's still quite the step for me. Baby steps, baby steps, until I'm confident to let ya'll read a little snippet of my writing. 

The final "new" thing I ended up doing was playing guitar. Now, I have 5 years of guitar history, so it's not quite that new. However, since I became the bassist of UFO, I've since neglected my guitar. Thankfully, I was given the chance to hop back onto my guitar and play. The moment my fingers strummed the strings, I realized what I had been missing. And now, all I do is play it, learning new songs, and just having fun with it. Why did I abandon it?

Holy moly am I excited for the things that are to come for me! Not only will I be going to Alaska for HYC, I will also have the chance to visit Montreal, Halifax, New England, JAPAN!! (The reason for my blog title). Man oh man, this year will be epic! 

And, to add on to the already awesomeness, HOPEFULLY the band is given a sick performance in New England this year. We're planning some crazy songs! These songs are so beautiful, and I'm just way too excited for them.

I'm going hiking for the first time. I've NEVER hiked before, and, if the weather is willing, I'll be given the chance to this month (super cool post to come!). 

FINALLY. God has given me many amazing opportunities to increase my faith, and my knowledge of him. Unfortunately, I can't say much as of yet, but the excitement is real (sorry for teasing you).

Do you guys have some awesome new stuff happening to you soon? I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading :)

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