Getting to know my parents

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You know those two people who live in your house, the ones who feed you, and hug you, and pay for everything you want, and the ones who keep asking "Did you do your homework?" and "How was school today?". Those two much older people who drive you everywhere, who clean up after you and complain that you never help out around the house - because you don't. Yeah, I'm talking about your parents.

You pretty much live with these people for a good 18 years of your life, sometimes more if they don't want to let you go, or you're just not ready to leave. I've gone through 17 years with these two, and it was only last year that I actually asked them about their childhoods. It's kind of sad, because the stories that both my parents have are both amazing and inspiring, stories I wish I had known about sooner.

I've recently started writing story about my mama and papa, a story that is going to be about their lives growing up in a poor country like El Salvador, the hardships they endured, and their journey to Canada, to find each other, and ultimately, to find God. And so, I sat the two down and began interviewing them.

Here's the thing. I hadn't expected such a great deal of hardships and disappointments, loss and abandonment, abuse and threat. Hearing about what my parents went through, made my struggles and problems seem like a joke, and yet, there they sat in front of me, successful, happy and now, burden free. But at the same time, I learnt about how they were as teenagers, kids, young adults, the fun they had, their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. There was so much more to my parents then just my "mom" and "dad".

It was a fun experience, talking to them about their pasts. They had a lot of fun, talking about their childhoods and all the games that they used to play. The good times, the fun times, and the times where they just couldn't believe they had gotten away with. I even showed them a few old pictures of themselves, as kids that my grandma had given us awhile ago. They laughed at the way they used to look, they told me stories about very bad haircuts that they will never forget, and it just made them smile to see themselves, many years younger, back at home with their family.

a few of the pictures of my parents
However, as much fun as it was to talk about all the fun that both my parents were privileged with back in El Salvador, there was so much more to their story, so much heartache, and sadness. It hurt even me to hear about the deaths, fights, and abuse they had to endure. It's hard, to see tears welling up in your parents eyes, as they would recall a very difficult time during their childhood, or even their teenage years. But, I found it brave of my parents, to share such stories, even when some of the stories became a little too much to talk about.

My favourite part of their story was their love story. I'm a sucker for a cute love story, and the one my parents had to share was all God. Their love story showed chances, true friendship, and in my dads case, never giving up.

I think this story is going to be amazing, and boy oh boy am I glad I took the time to hear about my parents. It really helped me get to know them, to understand why they do what they do now. It put them in this brand new light, where I understood now, that everything they do for me was because they love me, it's because they dealt with the worse and they don't want me to, it's because they're able to give me what they couldn't have.

I think, another really cool thing about writing this story, is that I get to interview my other relatives as well. I think getting to know your family is HUGE. I don't know, I guess I'm also a sucker for a really good story, and my family just happen to have wonderful ones.

I think this calls for a little series. Now and then, I'm going to update you on how my book is going. The more I interview my parents, the more I add snippets of what I've already written on this blog.

ANYWAY. I 100% suggest that you all take the time to get to know who your parents are, or aunt, uncle, grandma, or cousin. I GUARANTEE, you'll find an amazing story somewhere ;)

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. This is a great post. Parents and grandparents have such interesting and deep stories to tell.

    1. They do!! I'm so happy I got the chance to ask them. And thanks :)