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Sunday, January 18, 2015

This is a very old picture, but still a good one. I stole it from my friends Instagram, because for some reason I have no pictures of the band, especially since the hand has gone through a lot of changes.

We had lost a drummer, a guitarist and a pianist (who is the owner of the photo, follow up @tristankyro to see his pics) but, we ended up gaining a pianist, two guitarists, a singer and a drummer, while I moved from guitarist to bassist. So, the band is bigger and better than ever!

Being a part of a band is so much fun. The band had begun because I had started doing covers on YouTube (those videos are long gone now) and a few of my friends thought that maybe, since each of us can play an instrument, we should start a band!

Originally, we were going to be doing covers of songs and such, but after much talk, we thought that maybe we should dedicate our talents to God. Why?
“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace” 1 Peter 4:10
God gave each one of us a special talent, and we thought, let’s use them to show others his grace. Although we’re not a huge well known band, we’re still trying our best to play songs that will worship God. As a band, we definitely hope to get noticed more.

As of lately, we’ve been privileged to perform in Toronto, Mississauga, and Peterborough. The furthest we’ve gone was to Boston Massachusetts, twice. We’re actually heading back to Mississauga, Peterborough and Boston again this year to play a new set of songs and help others worship God!

The original band was called “The Youth Band” because we had no idea what we were going to be called, and people kind of just called us that for some time. However, a few of the band members had graduated from High School and moved on to their busy lives of college, and we recruited a few more!

The new band – now called “United For One” – wasn’t as close as the original, if I’m being honest. However, after our crazy performance in Boston (picture below), we suddenly became best friends with each other.
My favourite part, besides performing and praising God, is the time I get to spend with the band. Band practices are the times where we get to laugh, and really talk. And, when the practices really get going, we start randomly playing songs that we like, as though we had practiced them already, and we just sing out loud and laugh and just … have fun.

I’m grateful for the band, because I really get these meaningful times with my friends.

I can’t wait for our next performances (definitely posts to come!).

Have a great week guys :)

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