Fashion Dreams?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A couple days ago, I was with a few of my good friends, and we were playing two truths and one lie (of course, Christians lieng together xD). My two truths were that my second favourite colour was orange, and I had always wanted to be a fashion designer. My lie was that I had wanted to open up a breakfast restaurant. The funny thing was, no one guessed my lie right. Everyone thought that becoming a fashion designer was the lie, which made me think, "Wow, I've never told anyone that before." A strange dream for a seventeen year old tomboy to have who usually dresses in sweatpants and sweatshirts, but it was true! 

I have always been fascinated by the fashion world, and had always wished to design my own clothes, and sell them for others to wear! I even had a small little portfolio of my own where I designed away. Though they are still locked in my sketchbook, I continuously wish for a chance to do so! Here's a small sneak peak at my sketches. (Obviously never finished them, they still have no colour...)

 Can we just take in how interesting fashion really is? I don't know why, but these odd styles that people wonder who would wear that? Are actually so interesting, and so amazing to see! Someone actually made that, that takes a lot of work!

My mother, being the sneaky women she is, had hidden away these fashion magazines in her room. Now, the sad part is that my mom never buys fashion magazines, she only buys home decor or magazine about plants. Boring! Anyway, the happiest day of my life (jokes, not really) was when I stumbled into her room and spotted THREE fashion magazines! I was so happy, and I told her they were mine forever now xD She didn't really care, she doesn't read these kinds of magazines!

Anyway, I spent a good hour and half going through every magazine, reading the articles, being inspired by the fashion and thinking to myself, maybe this is a sign to get back into the fashion. It probably wasn't, but it ddefinitely made me re-think my career options.

Now I have three nice magazines to draw inspiration with my new sketches and clothing choices with, ah, I can't wait to get more!

Now, ya'll know a teeny bit about me. Haha, not what you expected, huh?

Have a great week all! :)

band life

Living the Band Life

Sunday, January 18, 2015

This is a very old picture, but still a good one. I stole it from my friends Instagram, because for some reason I have no pictures of the band, especially since the hand has gone through a lot of changes.

We had lost a drummer, a guitarist and a pianist (who is the owner of the photo, follow up @tristankyro to see his pics) but, we ended up gaining a pianist, two guitarists, a singer and a drummer, while I moved from guitarist to bassist. So, the band is bigger and better than ever!

Being a part of a band is so much fun. The band had begun because I had started doing covers on YouTube (those videos are long gone now) and a few of my friends thought that maybe, since each of us can play an instrument, we should start a band!

Originally, we were going to be doing covers of songs and such, but after much talk, we thought that maybe we should dedicate our talents to God. Why?
“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace” 1 Peter 4:10
God gave each one of us a special talent, and we thought, let’s use them to show others his grace. Although we’re not a huge well known band, we’re still trying our best to play songs that will worship God. As a band, we definitely hope to get noticed more.

As of lately, we’ve been privileged to perform in Toronto, Mississauga, and Peterborough. The furthest we’ve gone was to Boston Massachusetts, twice. We’re actually heading back to Mississauga, Peterborough and Boston again this year to play a new set of songs and help others worship God!

The original band was called “The Youth Band” because we had no idea what we were going to be called, and people kind of just called us that for some time. However, a few of the band members had graduated from High School and moved on to their busy lives of college, and we recruited a few more!

The new band – now called “United For One” – wasn’t as close as the original, if I’m being honest. However, after our crazy performance in Boston (picture below), we suddenly became best friends with each other.
My favourite part, besides performing and praising God, is the time I get to spend with the band. Band practices are the times where we get to laugh, and really talk. And, when the practices really get going, we start randomly playing songs that we like, as though we had practiced them already, and we just sing out loud and laugh and just … have fun.

I’m grateful for the band, because I really get these meaningful times with my friends.

I can’t wait for our next performances (definitely posts to come!).

Have a great week guys :)


Book writing & school

Thursday, January 08, 2015


I thought I'd let you all in on my little hobby of writing. I'm no professional, but writing is such a wonderful ting! I can never express myself by speaking, or drawings, or even singing ... but when it comes to writing, the words just flow out of me. It's different from talking to someone, because you're face-to-face - and personally, that terrifies me. However, when I have a smooth black pen in hand and I'm writing on a blank piece of paper, the words are shooting out of the tip of the pen. I love it!

For the past few years (about 3 or so) I've been attempting to write my own novel. Now, I've written books since I was in grade 1 (It's true, it was about a girl who got lost in the park) and it had always been my dreeaaammm to publish one of my novels. I started a few times with some old ideas, but I never really liked them until NOW!

I've been writing the typical story of "The Chosen One" who saves the world, blah, blah, blah. Honestly, it's a lot better then it sounds, but I've been attempting to stray from the typical and cliched storyline. At the moment, I've gotten to almost 100 Microsoft pages - finally! I've written so many drafts of my story because I didn't like a bunch of ideas, but I'm pretty confident that this one is the one. Oh boy, I hope I didn't jinx it.

I always try and set a date for myself on when I'm going to finish my book, but I never make it. I'd like to say that I don't have enough time to write my book, but it's really just that I'm at a point in my book that I don't know whether someone should die or not. I'm really digging into my heart, debating if I should keep them for something important, or their death would make something important. 

On a more depressing note, school is becoming pooey. I have suddenly been thrown into a war of assignments and exams the moment I got off of the Winter Break. I had enjoyed my break so much, and school decided to walk in and ruin everything.

I'm not a huge school lover, especially not with the semester I have. Math is okay, but Philosophy with a teacher who doesn't care, English with a teacher who cares too much that we don't get work done, and APS with a teacher who doesn't like anyone but becomes Miss Nice randomly. I just hope and pray that I survive this semester and make it to the next one. The next one will be better. In fact, after this semester, school will be fun again. 

Pray for me ya'll.

Peace out!


Origami & Resolutions

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

I spent my entire English period today making origami figures. No, don't worry, I wasn't completely ignoring what my teacher was teaching, because there was no teacher who was teaching. We had a supply today, which only makes life a happy place to be in. So, my Japanese at heart friend took out her Japan imported origami paper set from her bag - with my friends, this is normal - and we both started folding away!

I've never done origami before, so such fun this was! I'm proud of my two cranes, my lily and my basket :')

Anywho, getting that out of the way. I thought I'd write out a few of my new years resolutions and some good things that happened in 2014. Although 2014 was not my favourite year, good things still came out of it.

2014 Perks:
  • I got baptized
  • My best friend got baptized
  • I got a job
  • I got new clothes
  • I started to wear makeup :P
2015 Goals & Resolutions:
  • To get accepted to HYC to go to Alaska and serve
  • To save enough money for Japan
  • To get my driver's license 
  •  To learn how to study the bible with others
  • To blog as often as possible!
  • Start eating healthy - baby steps to losing weight!
I hope you guys made some good resolutions to keep your mind focused on this year :) 
Have a great 2015 all!


Let's start again

Friday, January 02, 2015

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I decided to start this blog off differently.

I've realized that my life this year in 2015 is going to be quite the adventure, what with traveling, serving, camping, and just simply having fun. So, I wanted to simply document it. Maybe I'll have a few hauls and tutorials here and there, but when life calls, I'll have to write it down. 

This is actually my first year that I decided to make a new years resolution, and the outline was based off of a friend of mine. I definitely hope and pray that I can achieve each goal, and I know it's going to be a process, but I know I have God on my side.

However, I think the biggest goal for me is to learn to have patience. I tend to rush the plan that God has set for me, but this year, I want to focus on him and trust that his plan is superb, and mine is not. I know he'll be kind to me, and I'm excited for his perfect timing in everything!

2015 is going to be a crazy year, and I'm actually really excited to start documenting it all.

I hope you guys can join me on my adventure and share yours with me :)

Have a Happy New Year